Hiking “Ommetje Doornik de Pas

The B&B “Natuurlijk genieten” is adjacent to Park Lingezegen. The park houses a hiking trail constructed by the foundation “Lingewaard Natuurlijk”, which starts at the terrain on which the B&B is located. A choice can be made between a 6 kilometre or 8 kilometre route.
The trail will let you explore part of park Lingezegen and it will also take you to the river the Waal. At restaurant Zijdewinde there are free flyers available which entail more information about this trail and the area it is located in.

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Space for the river

In preceding years the “Nevelgeul” (side channel of the Waal), has been dug between Nijmegen and Lent. This beautiful reservation with its water, nice bridges, astonishing views and budding nature serves as a great hiking area which also houses some nice events every once in a while.


Exactly across from the B&B you can find the Ooijpolder. This polder landscape is part of the much bigger nature reserve called Gelderse Poort and serves as a great place to relax. It houses multiple hike and cycling trails from which you can admire all kinds of bird species, horses and Galloway oxen.


The Valkhof Museum
The Valkhof museum is located in the centre of Nijmegen. In this museum you will find a large collection of Roman and archaeological art which is of great value to the history of Nijmegen. It is a truly fascinating collection.

Nature museum the Bastei
The Bastei is a former road workers tower turned into a museum showcasing information about the nature and cultural history of the landscape surrounding the Waal. It houses some great expositions.
There are also multiple museums located on the moraine of “Berg en Dal” and Groesbeek. Amongst others, the national Dutch liberation museum and the Afrika museum are definitely worth a visit.

Fort Pannerden

This fort is best described as exciting, surprising and beautifully restored. The fort of the new Dutch Waterline is hidden underground and goes five stories deep. A spectacular view over the three different rivers the Waal, the Rijn and the Pannerdensch channel can only be enjoyed right here in Doornenburg, on the roof of fort Pannerden.

The castle of Doornenburg

A little further to the east of the B&B you can find one of the biggest castles of the Netherlands, called the castle of Doornenburg. The front of the castle has open access all year long, but the main castle can only be explored by the means of a guided tour. It is the perfect day trip for families since it is also suitable for children.

Stadwandeling Nijmegen

Heerlijk een stadswandeling maken door de oude stad Nijmegen langs alle historische en romeinse rijkdommen.

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